Don't Leave Summer

I am a little sad that summer is coming to an end because that means our evening walks/jogs will also be coming to an end.  I say jogs because that is what it used to be long ago (at least it feels that way), and I am hoping to get back to that sometime. Hanes is also going to be pretty bummed when the cold rolls around because his absolute favorite thing to do is play at the park. I'm telling you, he would go to the park all day if we let him. I guess we will have to find other ways to stay entertained soon!
I have been using my City Select stroller a ton right now as a double. Arrow loves chillin in the bassinet on walks but it will also be perfect when he can sit in a big boy seat with Hanes. For now we will stick to walks...and let's just say I'm not complaining about that.  

stroller (jogger): City Select (double part, bassinet)

top: c/o Windsor (old, similar)
yoga pants: Nike
shoes: Nike (gift from hubs)
sunnies: c/o Windsor (similar)

Brod's outfit:
top: Urban Outfitters
sweats: Phillip Lim
shoes: Nike
hat: J.Bones
socks: Stance

Hanes' outfit:
top: Louis B
pants: Odds and Evie

Arrow's outfit:
onesie: c/o Chicky Pop

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