If you guys follow my Instagram, you probably saw my picture a while back about this awesome company called FramebridgeFramebridge is a simple, easy way to get your pictures and art framed - the process is super easy and super quick!  All you do is download their app, pick out your frame, upload the pic or piece of art you want framed, and submit your order!  When you style it, you get to preview the art in each of the frame styles which makes the decision process much easier. This next step depends on if you are framing an Instagram picture or sending in your own picture to be framed. I will explain the Instagram process a little better in a moment. Finally, if you choose to send in a picture, they send you free packaging to mail your art in and it gets framed and sent right back to you to enjoy. Another major plus is how affordable it is, the prices range from $39-$149 and there is free shipping

When I went through the Framebridge process I decided to frame an Instagram picture of mine. It was a picture of my boys that was one of my favorites I had since Arrow was born. I loved the idea of being able to frame my Instagram picture because it was something new to me!  In order to frame an Instagram picture you must use the Framebridge app, and just a little side note, it is just as simple and quick as the website. I chose this simple white frame because I wanted it to go in Hanes' room and the white was the perfect clean look that his room needed. Hanes said he needed a picture of "his baby" so it worked out perfectly. I mean come on, look at that little grin on his face! Anyway, I hope you like and have fun framing!

*Thanks Framebridge for sponsoring this post.