Looking Back

When I saw that Virgos Lounge had this dress in black, I knew it was fate.  I have had a couple different dresses from Virgos Lounge and every one is simply impeccable.  This dress is one that I will keep forever and pull out for those special occasions.  I wish I would have known about Virgos Lounge when I was getting married because their dresses would have been perfect for bridesmaids. I don't really know how weddings got brought into this, but does anyone else ever think about their wedding and wonder what you would do different now?  Mine was 5 years ago and I already think I would have changed things.  Don't get me wrong...I still love it and all the memories I have, there are just so many ideas out there now.  To be honest, I think I would be a little overwhelmed trying to plan a wedding now.  Anyway, I would have totally used these Virgos Lounge dresses if I could go back.  Is anyone else with me on this?
Virgos Lounge dress c/o
Ted Baker shoes c/o
Melissa Lovy ring and bracelet c/o

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