Well, we just arrived back home from New York and I am already missing it a little bit.  Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled to be back in my own house, but I was really loving the New York vibe.  I have to begin by saying that I am blessed with the best little traveling dudes ever.  I always stress before each trip we go on, but they surprise me every time with how good they are.  I went for a fun project with Tarte Cosmetics that you guys will hear about soon....I can't wait!  But like I was saying, I have a little place in my heart that wished I lived in New York.  Yes, it is an insane, crazy, and super fast pace, but it is so inspiring and motivating.  It makes me feel like I could accomplish anything and everything......and the shopping is pretty dang amazing.  Who knows, it would take something really, and I mean REALLY big for me to leave Utah and my family here, but I would always consider New York. 

sweater (old, similar)
jeans (new favorite jeans!)

Hanes' outfit:
jacket c/o Appaman
shoes c/o Akid

Arrow's outfit:
romper c/o Mini Mioche
booties c/o Mini Mioche
bib c/o Mini Mioche

stroller c/o Stokke (the best double for really tight, crowded cities)
base and seat, sibling seat, connecting blanket