A Must

As a girl, we all know how important a good perfume is.  Personally, I like to have three or so perfumes that are my go-to's.  That way I don't smell the exact same everyday, but I smell yummy everyday (as my husband would say)! One that is a must in a perfume collection is Mermaid Perfume.  Besides smelling delicious, it's also beautifully packaged which is a big deal to me.  It almost bugs me when a perfume isn't cute because I like to display them on my little tray so I can remember what ones I have. If it's not cute I'm not going to display it, and then I forget I even have it. Another plus is I only need one spritz of my Mermaid Perfume when I wear it and it lasts all day, this makes my bottle last forever.  Perfume has always been something I cannot live without and that's not changing anytime soon!

Mermaid perfume c/o
sweater c/o
lipstick (la vie en rouge)
Tarte lip gloss (natural beauty)
Morphe eye shadow 
eyeko eyeliner