Little Dude Adventures

The boys and I are loving playing outside lately in this amazing Fall weather.  It's warm enough to stay out for a little while during the day, and then cuddle inside for the evening.  I'm a little sad knowing that winter is near, so I am taking full advantage of the weather right now.  Hanes seems to go a little stir crazy when we don't get to play outside, so I am a little nervous about these upcoming months. My house may be a complete disaster all winter long, but hey what's new haha! I have given up on keeping everything in place, it just takes way too much effort with a 3 year old and 3 month old.  I can't blame it all on them though, I'm a little scattered myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love to keep my things organized, it just doesn't seem to stay that way very long.  I make an effort to re-organize every once in a while ,but I will never understand how it get's messed up so quickly.  I guess that's just life and well...I'm totally cool with it!

denim jacket
striped shirt via Olive & Tweed c/o (different color)
scarf (old, similar)
boots c/o (other colors & here)

Hanes' outfit:
top via Baby Swag c/o
overalls via Mini Miochi c/o
boots via Emu c/o

Arrow's outfit:
one piece via Le Petite Organic c/o
other scarf options...