Greasy Hair Day Tricks

Today's tutorial is all about getting your hair to stay fabulous and full that last day, or the last couple days before you have to wash it again. If you are like me then you don't have the time or desire to wash your hair every single day or even every other day.  If I'm being honest, I rarely wash my hair more than once, maybe twice a week.  I feel like this also helps my hair stay healthier.  One of my biggest tricks to making my hair full and lucious on the last greasy hair day(s), is my blow dryer and diffuser from NuMe.  I will show you in my tutorial how I use the NuMe blow dryer and diffuser to boost my roots and get those kinky waves nice and beachy again. A little note I forgot to add is make sure you are using an oil in your hair right after you are washing it.  The one I use every day is NuMe's argon oil.  This will help your hair stay soft and smooth and get rid of that awful frizz that no one wants.  It also is a good heat-protectant which I'm guessing most every one of you could use.  I do make sure that if I am blow drying my hair though I am using a nice blow dryer that is going to protect your hair and not fry it every time it's dried.  I use this same blow dryer to diffuse it and to dry it straight.
I really hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and it helps you get that full root look, or even a full top knot look like I show in the video!

see video here

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NuMe blow dryer
Argon Oil

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