Missing Pup

I am sitting here writing this post, ready to go to bed with the biggest feeling of relief ever! My little Nash (our dog) was missing for the past couple hours and I was in tears stressed out of my mind.   He had just got his shots today and was acting funny all day long.  I could tell he was down in the dumps and just did not feel good.  Brody and I were packing and getting ready to go out of town in the morning when we noticed we hadn't seen Nash in a few hours.  We began to call his name,  did the classic ring the door bell, and even got out his favorite treats.  He would normally always come rushing out from wherever he is to immediately to see us.  We waited and waited and honestly heard nothing and that's when my stomach dropped.  He began looking under all the beds, couches and whatever else and finally moved onto outside.  By this time I was in tears and trying to think in my head how in the world we would tell Hanes that Nash was missing.  Brody ran all around the neighborhood and started to drive further outside the neighborhood just in case. I know this may sound cheesy but I said a quick little prayer and continued to cry and stress out.  Nash has been our dog for 4 years now and as much as he drives me crazy sometimes I really do love him so much, and he is Hanes' absolute best friend.  For some reason I had this feeling to go quietly check one more time in Hanes' room (he was asleep), and still nothing.  I searched his closet, basket, teepee, under his bed....and then suddenly I see these little eyes shining all the way up in the box springs of Hanes' bed.  He must have just been really sad about his shots earlier that day and needed to be alone, which is so bizarre becuase that is not at all like Nash. I started crying even harder when I found him and immediately yelled for Brody.  This may sound silly and ridiculous because he is just a dog but suprisingly enough he has a huge spot in our hearts.  I am just relieved I don't have to explain that Nash went missing to Hanes or always wonder where he was. Anyway I know this is a way random post but it was all that I could think about when I sat down to write my daily post to you guys!
I hope you guys have an awesome Thursday and get ready for the crazy weekend ahead! This jacket in today's post is from Francesca's and has been a go-to quite often lately in my closet and not just because it's super cute but because of how incredibly comfy it is.  I mean it's hard to beat a comfy, warm, and cute coat right?
coat c/o
jeans (back in stock)
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bag via c/o Nordstrom Rack
sunnies (another color I want)