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Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday, December 05, 2014 23 Comments Images

As you can probably already tell, Hanes is getting near impossible to catch a picture of lately.  We will all be out playing, walking, exploring, or whatever else he has in mind, and the second Brody is about to snap a pic he runs to have another adventure.  He is the busiest bee of all time right now, I can barely catch up with him.  Now I know this may sounds crazy but Hanes is seriously the best big brother in the world to Arrow. I probably hear over 15 times a day, "I love you my baby boy", with a little smootch on the forehead.  Arrow has even started pulling his hair and it still hasn't pushed him away.  I just hope this cute relationship between the two of them never changes, and they are always best friends.  With that relationship I can't wait for Christmas to come this year, and see these two little guys on Christmas morning.  There is nothing like Christmas morning and spending it with my boys, it's more than I could ask for.
Enough babbling about my boys and the holidays, and onto the awesome part of this post. As you can probably tell I am a lover of rings, they are my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear. I had been wanting a new dainty ring that I could wear every day, and that would look cute for the holiday season. Reed's Jeweler's hooked me up with this perfect pearl ring, and what's better than a pearl for the holiday's right? I was so excited when I heard that Reed's Jeweler's wanted to do a giveaway with my followers and I hope you guys are as excited as me.  They will be giving away a $500 giftcard to one lucky winner, and all you have to do is follow the simple steps below.....good luck!

-Create a Pinterest board titled “My REEDS Holiday Memories” and submit your entry here: http://619.be/pb7d. Once you create your pinterest board you will be entered to win a $500 REEDS Jewelers gift card! (check out My REEDS Holiday Memories pinterest board here)

- Contest runs until 1/1/15 and a winner will be chosen the first week of January, good luck!

sweater c/o
bag c/o
hat (similar, cheaper version)
REEDS pearl ring c/o

Hanes' outfit
jacket c/o
shirt c/o

Arrow's oufit
onesie c/o
pants (old)


  1. So cute cara! The kiddos are adorable. I love love the coat and hat.


  2. You always have the best rings! I have been loving your eyeshadow in the last couple posts, what brand and colors are you wearing?


  3. Amazing photos..and the ring is so pretty!


  4. Your boys are so cute! Gorgeous ring & I love your eye shadow too -- details, please!


  5. Beautiful coat and bucket bag! You are such a stylish mommy!


  6. Oh wow what a great giveaway! That ring is gorgeous! And I just love getting little updates on Hanes and Arrow! Such adorable little guys! xx


  7. Pretty coat! LOVE the color.


  8. You have such cute boys!!


  9. you have such a gorgeous little family! I love the pearl ring that you selected...and this is a pretty awesome giveaway, too! thanks for sharing!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  10. you are simply gorgeous! I love your cute little family. such fun ages.
    PS - i adore all your rings!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  11. It's so sweet how much they love each other!
    Beautiful pictures and rings
    The Doctor Diva

  12. I love that they are so close! I hope my daughter is close to her siblings when my hubby and I have more kids :)
    Blonde with a Chanse

  13. That is a gorgeous ring and you look stunning in these photos.
    xx, Jodi

  14. Thanks for the great pics - I would love to hold a baby again

  15. Those rings are beautiful and if i won a right hand ring to go with mom's ring she left me .. well ..it just would be a dream come true. Holidays are so so hard with no family .

  16. This coat is absolutely amazing. And your little Hanes is too adorable. Always! XOX


  17. Perfection right there - gorge boys and pretty mama dressed beautifully. Ax

  18. Arrow is getting so big so fast! I love the cute sibling relationship... my niece and nephews are so obsessed with each other; it's so wonderful to see them all interact with each other. Your boys are so handsome!

    XO, Chekara | shadesofchekara.com


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