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Friday, February 20, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover
Friday, February 20, 2015 37 Comments Images

I am finally getting to a house posts after living here for a month now.  I had my bedroom done before we moved, but decided it needed a little makeover.  A bunch of my pieces from my old bedroom were used in other parts of the new house, so that meant new pieces for my room. Whenever I am looking for new furniture there is always a place I look first...and that one place is Wayfair.  They have killer deals and the most amazing selection.  You can find just about anything you would ever need there. For my bedroom I knew I wanted to do a fun native rug, and I instantly fell in love with this rug because of the gorgeous colors and pattern. To make this rug and all the fun accessories pop, I went with some timeless white pieces of furniture.  I wish you could see the pieces in person because even though they are simple, they are so gorgeous. I'm a little obsessed with adding some plants and greenery in this house because I fell like it warms the place up and makes it feel more welcoming.  I really hope you enjoy seeing a little peak into my house and more will be coming soon! Have an awesome weekend, love ya'll!

rug via c/o Wayfair (on sale!)
dresser via c/o Wayfair
vanity via c/o Wayfair (on sale!)
vanity chair via c/o Wayfair 

bed (similar here)
side tables 
smaller rug
throw (old, similar )
B&C letters (also here)
pillows (old, similar below & here)
white tray
animal jewelry holder


  1. Love all the great details. The headboard is amazing! Love the night stands. And your vanity!!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful bedroom inspiration.Honestly, does your house stay that clean with two boys? I'm having an hard time with one little boy.

  3. greenery in a bedroom! genius! i seriously have never thought of that!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  4. Oh wow!!! Amazingly decorated! I wish I'd have a master bedroom looking like this!


  5. I love that high head board! I am currently looking to upgrade ours and this can't be better! Love how light and bright everything looks


    1. Cara, would you be able to give me the contact information for their media person? Those things are never on the website and I've been trying to reach them for a while


  6. Great details to your space! There are so many elements you have here that I have been wanting to incorporate into my room as well.

  7. Oh I love your bed frame and headboard so much!!! This is exactly what I want!

    Blonde with a Chanse

  8. Love your bedroom! What size rug did you buy? How do you know what size to get?

  9. I love it all! And am so obsessed with your makeup area! <3


  10. Cara!! It looks amazing!! that rug is perfect!

    -xx Tay
    When I’m Older

  11. Oh this room is a dream!! I'm in the process of redecorating my room and I am totally inspired by your room! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I absolutely love how clean everything looks. The simplicity of the bedroom gives a very relaxing vibe which is perfect. It doesn't look cluttered yet it looks so glamorous still. Love your eye for this design :)
    XO Janina

  13. Beautiful post, but just wanted to let you know that you spelled "y'all" incorrectly and that your font is really tiny, very difficult to read. I'm 35, LOL. I wear glasses, but even with them corrected to 20/20, it's very hard to read... and I really love reading what you have to say. <3

  14. I love it! Such a gorgeous bedroom.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    - Summer Ann
    Simply Summer Ann Blog

  15. Your room looks so inviting and yet chic! Great decor
    Dresses & Denim

  16. Omygoodness.. I love these pieces! Especially the table and the terrarium. So gorgeous!

  17. Your room looks so luxe

  18. Such a gorgeous space Cara!! I love the rug and all of the details! Cozy yet still so chic! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  19. I adore this omg! can I trade rooms with you? this is so amazing :) lovejoystyles.com

  20. Wow you're room looks gorgeous! I adore every little piece, especially the rug and white desk, I'm in love.
    Great post, I love these home ones just as much as your fashion posts. Keep em' coming Cara! xo


  21. Oh Cara this is beautiful, and great ideas too. I just bought a new house and need some major HELP. CARA HELP ME PLEASE LOL. :)

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less
    To read more about this Latina fashion diary visit www.facebook.com/MadForFashionForLess

  22. I could not find the carpet on the link you posted-do you know where else I could find it?? Thanks!

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  25. The makeuptable!! NEED to have it. Where can I buy it?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.


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