Mommy Time

The last couple days have been insanely crazy trying to figure out all my details for NYFW that's coming up shortly. Plans changed and I'm now bringing the boys along with me! I wasn't planning to initially do this but I think it is for the best. Brod is coming to watch the boys when I'm busy working and I'm afraid they will probably be pretty cooped up indoors because it's pretty freezing out, but we will have fun! If anyone has some good things to do indoor in NY I would LOVE to hear them! We have been a few times but it's always been in good weather. Anyway I know this is super random but I really need some help here! Thanks ya'll and I hope you have a happy hump day!

Mango jacket
Windsor romper
shoes (old ) similar

Hanes' outfit:

Arrow's outfit:
shoes (similar)

I have a fetish with loafers and love to wear mine out every time I get a pair! I am on the hunt for a new pair and here are some that I love! They range from super affordable to high end, so there should be something for everyone, hope you like!