Rockin Rimmel

I was so excited when Rimmel reached out to me because I have loved their products ever since I can remember. Rimmel was one of the first makeup brands I started to ever wear.  I had tried some of their lip glosses before but I hadn't yet tried the Stay Glossy lip gloss, and let me just is amazing! You honestly will have thought that you just spent $30 for a new lip gloss when it is actually nowhere near as expensive as that. I wanted to do a bold and eclectic look and I was really happy with the outcome.  I used one of the scandal eye eyeshadow sticks for my shadow and I loved how it gave me a bold, yet simple and smokey eye.  I listed the Rimmel products on the bottom that I used to create this look and I really hope you enjoy! Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

Stay Glossy
Volume lash scandalize
Lasting finish foundation
Natural bronzer
Scandal eyes eyeshadow stick

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