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Friday, April 03, 2015

Splurge A Little
Friday, April 03, 2015 31 Comments Images

Okay guys so I have to say that the number one item I am willing to save up and splurge money on is my handbag.  It's something you should use over and over again, and can wear everyday. Now even though I will splurge a little on my bag, there is nothing better than getting a designer bag for a good deal. My favorite thing to do when buying a designer bag is to find a lightly used designer bag that looks good as new, and Trendlee is just the place. Their bags are all authentic and in top condition.  Whenever I have had questions for them about their bag,s they are always there to answer. They also have free returns in the U.S. and that is a big deal for me. I have to say that almost all of my designer bags are used and I wouldn't have it any other way.  It makes me feel better knowing that handbags are going to get use no matter what, so why not get a much better deal, and not be petrified you're going to do something to the bag the entire time you're using it? I don't know if any of you feel the same way as me but if so you should definitely check out Trendlee, you won't be disappointed! Happy Easter weekend and happy shopping!
sweater (old, similar)
Koo De Ker pants
pumps (similar)
Saint Laurent via c/o Trendlee
Movado watch


  1. Gorgeous bag Cara x
    xo Jodie


  2. Designer bags are so worth investing in, if taken care of properly, they'll last you for a LONG time and will always make any outfit look more put together.


  3. First off this photo is absolutely flawless. The tones are absolutely gorgeous and you look amazing. I have one designer handbag and it's definitely something that I'd splurge on if I had the budget. I got it as a hand me down and I completely agree that because they get used every day, there's not really a point in getting a cheap bag that's just going to break. Your handbag is so simple and understated, the design is superb


  4. Maybe I'm the only one but when I click 'read post' it won't pull anything up so I can't see any other pics! I've tried different browsers and still nothing, won't work on my phone either............. not sure if anyone else is having this problem

    1. Same here, it's hit or miss if it let's me see the rest of the pictures.

    2. Hey girl! Her photos are now in one place, and you can scroll through each photo with the arrows on each side of the one picture. :)

  5. you look absolutely amazing! and the bag is beautiful!
    jola xx

  6. Handbags are definitely an investment piece. Love your purse!

    || D I A N A ||

  7. You look absolutely fabulous!
    XO Janina

  8. I almost bought that set of hands on your dresser on Hautelook!


  9. Nice handbag, & shoes.


  10. I love your bag! I always have the hardest time picking out my own handbags. I feel like it is such a big decision because I know I will be using it all of the time!

    Blonde with a Chanse

  11. I am in love with those YSL bags! They are gorgeous! Xo great outfit too! Love it! Xo

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  13. I love that bag!! Off to check out the website! :) Xx

  14. I so badly want to invest in a designer bag but just haven't been able to commit. Every time I have one in my shopping bag, even at a reduced/used price, I chicken out! What was your first designer bag?

  15. never heard of this before, thanks for the tip!


  16. Such a classic bag, beautiful design!


  17. Love your entire outfit Cara! Bags are definitely worth the splurge every once in a while, thanks for the tip xx


  18. its always the piece worth investing in. Makes every outfit look a little more Lux. Splurge away!

  19. I love everything about this! What color is your lipstick? I know that it is Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Voluptuous Lipstick, but I adore that color! Thanks Cara :)

  20. Good call, I love that bag

  21. That bag is gorgeous!!


  22. I agree.. I tend to splurge on my shoes and bags! And that bag is amazing!!


  23. Who is the maker of the original shoes in the photo?

  24. For a woman, there are endless choices when it comes to fashion accessories. There are many fashion accessories that come out to be more of a daily use item. One of such fashion items is the handbag or purse and it needs to be trendier and more fashionable when a woman wants to make an impression and win the eyes of others to be the perfectly crafted fashion woman. Designer Handbag

  25. Where are those gold hands from? I love them and that bag!!

  26. Love your blog and your new bag I need this in my life.