Playroom Part 2

I am excited to share the second half of the playroom with you guys! This is the room with all the toys in it, and the room that ends up being a disaster at the end of each day. The moment I saw this playhouse at The Land of Nod I knew the boys would love it. It's Hanes' little ninja turtle house and it's his favorite place to hide, along with Arrow's since he loves following him everwhere. They are too cute and these pictures show how crazy these two nuggets really are. They are finally getting to the point that they can interact a little more together, and it's the sweetest thing. I hope as they grow up they just grow closer and closer, and stay best friends.

playhouse (on sale!!)
market stand
kitchen (similar)
toy storage (similar)
X bookshelf
large wire basket
VB letters
wall art (tomatoe, apple, alphabet)
fur rug
toy totes (similar)
tree blanket

felt food
stuffed animals
riding horse
shopping cart (similar)
vacuum (cheaper here)
cash register
blocks cart
blabla animals
barn yard
learning clock
wooden kitchen food (here and here)
pots and pans
music set
Toy Story characters
Bay Max