Butt and Legs

Okay guys, so I promised a workout post soon and I wasted no time! I dedicated this post entirely to butts and legs, so I hope it helps everyone out. One thing I like to do is switch things up a bit when I work out depending on what I want to work on that day. Some days I will dedicate an entire workout to butt and legs, and then others I will squeeze everything in one workout and will give 15 minutes to each section of the body. If you did every one of these workouts below I'm pretty sure your legs and butt would be on fire. I usually won't get to every one of these workouts in one day but I wanted to give you a bunch of different options. You can do these workouts at home, or at the gym, and even mix it up by adding more weight and reps to some of the workouts. I also added a couple exercises focused on rolling your muscles out after working out because this is key! It will help you not get so tense and sore after a killer workout. I promise it will make a difference.
When I workout at home I like to be a little more casual with what I wear.  It may sounds weird but sometimes I prefer to work out barefoot. I love, love this amazing top from Gaiam at Kohl's. It's seriously the comfiest top and amazing for more than just working out. I am all about having a little pop of color and that's what I love most about this cute, strappy sports bra. It's a simple and easy look and something that you could easily wear over and over. Like I have said before, I am no expert in the world of becoming fit, but I do know that the more I put into working out consistently and eating more healthy, the better I feel and the happier I am!

1. Inner thigh raises: 3 sets of 20
 2. Leg lifts: 30 sets of 20
3. Donkey kicks: 3 sets of 20
4. Sumo squats: 3 sets of 15 alternating with side lunge
5. Weighted lunges: 3 sets of 15 (along with sumo squats)
6. Sumo releve: 3 sets of 15
7. Side leg lift: 3 sets of 20
8. Bridge (butt crunches): 3 sets of 20
9. High knees: 3 sets of 15
10. Straight leg jumps: 3 sets of 15
11. Wall sit: 45 second 3x's
12. Rolling glutes: take your time, it will really help!
13. Rolling IT

sports bra