Get Fit

Okay guys, so if you saw my insta yesterday then you already know that I am going to start talking a little bit more about fitness and all that fun stuff around here. Now to begin, I have to say that I have always been pretty hesitant to do anything fitness related on my blog, I am no pro whatsoever and don't want people to think I am! I don't have the best body and am not naturally tiny, so I have to work to stay in shape! I just truly love the way I feel when I am spending a little time on myself and taking care of my body. I danced my entire life, from when I was 3 to all the way through college and I really missed it when I was done! I knew I needed to stay active or I would lose motivation to take care of myself.
Now today I am not going to necessarily go into details about what my workouts are, but I will make sure to get to that in another post!  The biggest thing for me is just being realistic with myself. For example, I am not going to go and do some crazy diet, or no sugar, or something that I know I can't keep up.  I want whatever I do to become more of a lifestyle change for me, something that is totally realistic for me to keep up, and do every day. One of my biggest struggles is making sure to eat healthy and get all the protein and everything I need on a daily (and try no to eat after 8 pm). I make sure that I don't have too many treats and if I do need one (love how I say NEED one haha), I try to substitute it for something not quite as unhealthy.  For example my favorite snacks right now are brownie brittle, quest bars, fruit bowls, veggies, and most of all...protein/green smoothies. Protein shakes are one of the easiest ways for me to make sure that I get my protein for that day.  Now of course one shake won't be enough for all day but it definitely helps. One of my cute friends actually suggested these Shakeology shakes to me and they have been awesome.  I usually replace my breakfast for a shake every morning because somehow I always seem to be in a hurry and it's an easy quick thing for me to eat. I always like her advice too because she has been in the fitness industry for 8 years and knows what she's talking about, I mean you should see her bod and it's with a 7 month old! She became a BeachBody coach and I am always asking her for some tips, especially for my at-home workout days.  In her challenge groups you get one on one coaching from my her and support from other women working toward the same thing.  This has honestly been the biggest key for me! It may sound a little ridiculous but almost every single day when I work out, I am doing it with my sister in law and it is a game changer for me! It helps me stay motivated and committed knowing that we are working out together and pushing each other....for me, a work out buddy is key. On one of the major bonuses of the Challenge Pack Fitness program that my girlfriend does is the awesome at-home workout videos. Sometimes there are days that I just can not get to the gym...whether it's sick kids, I have too much work during the day, or my boys are just being stinks and not cooperating! It's important for me to have a good option at home to use for those type of days so I still feel like I got a good workout! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE getting to the gym because it gives me that little out that I need, but it's just not always realistic.
Anyway, I know this is pretty long but I hope this helps! I will continue doing workout posts and will start talking a little more about specifics, but I just wanted to give you a little idea of what I enjoy and what has been working for me. The key is just to get that little kick in the butt and get motivated and don't think you are going to see results in a week. That is always the hardest thing for me, but once I start and stay committed I truly love it! I also want to hear if any of you end up trying the Challenge Pack Fitness Program because I really think you would love it! It just makes things easier when you have a guide to follow and shakes to drink everyday. Hit up my girlfriend if you want to try it because she is awesome and I want her bod haha. To finish this up, have an awesome weekend, eat junk, and don't stress! Love you all!

You can go here and fill out the application if you're interested in finding out more about the challenge packs or groups and I'm sure my girlfriend will steer you in the right direction

sports bra
pants (my absolute favorite work out pants)
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