Night in Midtown

Hey everyone! Today's post is a continued documentary of our little New York trip. Last night, we went on a lil' date night in mid-town to a bunch of different restaurants, before finally deciding on a juicy burger and Shake from Shake Shack (probably a bad idea for my health, but man it was great!) After dinner and strolling around town, and making too many silly/crazy faces (Brod made me take those pics), we were planning  on a seeing a show on Broadway. Unfortunately, we had forgotten that most of the shows on Broadway do not have shows scheduled on Monday nights! So, after some more strolling and hanging in the city, we decided on a movie in the heart of Times Square haha! We were the only ones in the theater which allowed us to laugh and chat loudly as we watched Pitch Perfect 2! Anywho, hope you all have a fantastic day, and remember sometimes the most fun date nights are those that are improvised on the fly! For me, it's more about being with the people I love to spend time with, and the plans seem to work out. Hope you enjoy the "vlog" I included as well, thought it would be fun addition to share, hope you like it! I will try and keep them coming!

jeans (cheaper option)
bag (more Louis Bags)