Sunday Babies

The boys in their church clothes is probably one of my favorite things in the world. They are so stinking handsome and the craziest little dudes ever. Arrow is a complete maniac and the sweetest little baby! He makes everyone smile and loves making everyone laugh. I have to catch a picture of this little scrunchy face he has been doing lately because it's the funniest thing ever. And Hanes, as you can probably tell, is impossible to get a picture of lately. He doesn't stop for more than 2 seconds at a time....ever! He is a character at all times and is always on the run, he's the best little buddy to mommy! Once I start talking about my babies I could go on for days so I guess I will stop now before I begin to write a novel. As far as our outfits in today's post, I wanted them to be clean and sleek and the best place for me to find that look is at Nordstrom.  I bought this dress thinking I would probably  wear it to my SIL's wedding, then decided on a different one, but I loved this one too much to return!  Hope you like and hope that everyone has a happy Tuesday, love you all!

Jenny Yoo dress via Nordstrom (maxi version)
Kate Spade pumps
Burberry bag

Hanes' outfit:
top c/o
shorts c/o
Burberry shoes

Arrow's outfit:
shorts c/o
shoes c/o