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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can't Live Without
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 33 Comments Images

When I find a jumpsuit I love I know it's a good day. Jumpsuits are just like dresses for me because they are so easy to wear. I wore this outfit on a night out with the hubs and I decided to throw my leather jacket over the shoulders to edge it up a little bit. I have to say that my most worn item in my closet would have to be my leather jackets. I swear it is really rare for me to have an outfit that my leather jacket doesn't go with. Does anyone else have a piece like that? A piece that you can't live without? Mine would most definitely be my leather jacket....or my sweats that nearly have holes in them haha. Anyway, have an awesome Wednesday and try to not bake in the sun!

Design Lab jumpsuit (sold out, similar)
shoes (on sale!)
jacket (save and splurge)
Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)


  1. I find it also difficult to find a good jumpsuit although I like these kind of garment, too. The jumpsuit you discovered is perfect!
    xx Rena

  2. Fantastic wedges and bag! You look so stylish!


  3. I think jumpsuits are so flattering. LOVE this one on you!


  4. Great jump suit & jacket!


  5. Such a great, casual look! I love jumpsuits and shirt dresses for an instantly put together look.
    Red Reticule

  6. Love this look on you! (And thanks for switching your layout so all photos can be viewed by scrolling down!) ;)

  7. This look is gorgeous! Love the heels, girl. Such a fun pair!


  8. So edgy. Love it.



  9. Holy moly! Those shoes are amazing. I love this look!


  10. I love jumpsuits, and you are rocking that one! I am still on the hunt for that perfect one for me this summer!

    Elle x |Elleamode

  11. i love u Cara , kisses from Brazil

  12. i love u Cara , kisses from Brazil

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  14. Hi! Shoe link doesn't pull up. Assuming because they are sold out. Can you tell us the brand? Thanks in advance.

  15. Linda linda, me encantaron los zapatos. Besos


  16. Wow! Thanks for sharing this fashionable post your outfit is amazing looking gorgeous. I always love to wear celebrity leather jackets at the time bike riding.


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