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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015 9 Comments Images

We have a tradition that every Sunday evening we either spend time at my family's place or Brody's family's house. This is our time to catch up on everything that has been going on, and for the boys to get to play with all their cousins. Family is such as important thing to Brody and I, and we are lucky to have the families that we do and to have them so close to us. I'm sure we will be spending more time with them this weekend as well! I'm sure you are all as giddy as me that it's Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Your kiddos are so cute! And family time really is the best!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  2. I love how happy you always look when you're with your kids and hubby. The love you all have for one another is so beautiful :)
    XO Janina

  3. Love that high half-ponytail you have going on! Oh, and just FYI - I think you recently switched your blog photos format to a slideshow instead of showing them all on one page. Just wanted to let you know when viewed within Bloglovin' (which is how I read all my fave blogs), the photo is cut off. Bloglovin' has a pretty thick/tall banner at the top and only a portion of your photos show so on each one the viewer has to scroll up and down after clicking the right arrow in order to view it in its entirety. Hope all that makes sense. Just wanted to let you know in case you're toying witch changing your format back. I loved being able to just scroll down the page to see all your pics. Thanks!

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  5. Lovely family! I wish you happiness! I also love spending time with my husband and the children ... what a joy when the family is together and no one is in a hurry! :)

  6. That video is so cute! Such an adorable family :)