Sweaty in Style

Okay guys so when it comes to workout clothes I get bored of the same thing really fast. In my opinion, it is completely worth it to splurge a little on pants and shoes, but for everything else I think you can go a little cheaper. My favorite places to find cute tops and sports bras is definitely Forever21 and Nordstrom Rack. I'm actually a little addicted to Forever21's active section, and have way too many sports bras and tops at this point. They just have so many options and they are all so cute. For bottoms I am all about my Lululemon pants, and for shoes I have to wear Nike's, of course, seeing as my husband is a Nike fanatic. Maybe it's because I have a big butt and legs or something, but I feel like I can notice a difference when I buy cheaper pants. Maybe if I had stick skinny legs it wouldn't matter haha. I hope this helps you guys and you can have fun finding new stuff to work out in. For some reason for me it makes it easier to get my butt up and work out, when I like the clothes I am wearing to do it!  It's silly I know, but it works! Happy Thursday everyone, love you all!

sports bra (similar that I love as well)
iphone arm band