Back to School

Back to school is around the corner and I hope you are all ready and prepared for the big day. I can't believe that my baby will be going to preschool this year. I am so excited for him, but to be honest I am way more scared for me than I am for him. He is such a big boy and I know he will love it. 
For back to school we all got out new back to school looks thanks to MyHabit. They had so many different options for me and the boys to choose from. It made it super easy for us to stay true to our style and personality. I remember school shopping before we went back every year, and it was always my highlight of going back to school. I got to spend a one on one day with my mom, and got all my supplies and everything that I needed. I hope I can do this with my boys as they get older, and watch them learn and grow from kindergarten all the way to college. Happy back to school everyone and make sure to go check out exclusive interview here with today's post on theFIX, and you can shop this entire post here.

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