Stroller Talk

If you follow me on instagram then you probably already know that I am a little obsessed with strollers. My husband literally teases me because I am such a stroller nerd. I find them all so different in awesome ways, and I truly love putting them together. I know this probably sounds ridiculous but like I said...I'm a stroller nerd! Now I have used Orbit baby for a long time now and they have always been a favorite. Arrow has used their car seat since day 1, and we have loved it. When I saw this new limited edition Orbit stroller I fell in love, it is so gorgeous and chic while continuing to be cool at the same time. Anyway, I know this may be the last post a lot of you care to read, but I have had a bunch of email about stroller questions, which ones I love, and Orbit is definitely at the top of my list. They also have the best little ride on board which makes Hanes' ride that much better. I hope this helps for those of you that have had questions and don't be afraid to ask more!

Freebird shoes 

Limited Edition Orbit stroller
side baskets
Arrow's moccs