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Monday, November 16, 2015

Maternity Collab
Monday, November 16, 2015 20 Comments Images

Okay so first things first, I am NOT pregnant....I repeat, I am not pregnant haha. I had the amazing opportunity to co-design a maternity line with one of my favorite brands that I have worked with, Le Tote, and after being pregnant twice I knew I had to do it! If you don't already know what or who Le Tote is, it's a fashion service where you get to wear and return unlimited clothing and accessories for one monthly price. A maternity prescription costs $59/mon and a classic costs $49/mon. The maternity subscription gives you access to our maternity and maternity friendly collections filled with top maternity brands. This makes it so that you can try things on in your own home, get new brands, styles, and trends without breaking the bank, and always have something new to wear! Now if you're a mom then you know how impossible that can be most days with little ones. I love that we got to collaborate on a maternity line because what more would a mommy and a mommy to be need!? Buying a whole new wardrobe for maternity is expensive, I always ended up spending way more than I wanted on maternity clothes. Le Tote and I want to help women feel stylish, confident, and save money while they're pregnant. So now instead of having one pair of maternity jeans and a few tops to cycle through, you'll have unlimited looks to try. Making it easier and more fun to get dressed every morning! I remember getting dressed when I was pregnant and it can be so frustrating some days. I wanted to make pieces that would be simple enough to pair with so many different pieces, yet stand out and be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Le Tote is also awesome because when you have your new baby and are trying to get back to post pregnancy body, you can use Le Tote to wear new styles and change your size profile as you go. At least for me my body continued to change for quite some time, so this definitely would have been nice. I know it may seem crazy that I threw on a fake belly to do this, but I really had to in order to know that I would love these clothes as much as I was hoping, for when I get pregnant again. I hope this helps all of you mothers and soon to be mothers. I can't wait to wear these pieces when I am actually pregnant again one day, and feeling that little baby kick in my tummy! 
p.s. You can sign up for Le Tote Classic or Le Tote Maternity with the code CARA20 for 20% off expires 12/1/15.

striped top
red top
army green pants


  1. Aww this makes me miss your pregnant posts! <3


  2. So fun! You look gorgeous in all these pics!


    1. Ahh thanks so much! It was fun having a bump again for the day.

  3. So cute! I'm so glad I'm pregnant right now :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  4. Cute photos :)
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    Maria V.

  5. Seeing you in a belly like that makes me wish being pregnant! lol you look amazing Cara, and I love the red and striped top! xx


  6. How exciting! This is wonderful news! I think you meant to say "subscription" not "prescription" lol. I don't want monthly drugs sent to me :D :D :D

  7. Hey Cara! Where did you get your black top and black leggings in the video? Thank you! :)

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