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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Turtle Power
Wednesday, November 04, 2015 14 Comments Images

I had to share these pictures from Hanes' bday because he was in complete heaven. From the TMNT overload, to the treats, his friends, and way to many presents....he said it was the coolest day of his life haha. All of the treats except the TMNT cake are from The Sweet Tooth Fairy and let me just say, if you have never tried their treats, you are missing out! I could eat 20 cake pops in one night and still need more. There is just something about their treats that are beyond amazing and I have been addicted to them for years now. I was so excited when they said they wanted to do some custom pieces for his birthday because I knew he would freak out.
We also have the sweetest friend ever that makes the most impeccable cakes and this turtle cake was nothing short of perfection. She is the same person that made Arrow's ball cake that was my favorite, I tagged her in this instagram so check there to get her info. Let's just say that I am hoping this turtle party will satisfy all of his turtle dreams...since he said he wanted another turtle party next year haha. Love you little turtle obsessed 4 year old boy!


  1. Such a cute party theme... He is growing up so fast!


  2. This is the most fantastic party ever, you go mama! And I share your love of cake-pops, too good not to have a few :)

    xoxo www.touchofcurl.com

  3. That is the cutest themed party, and very well done! Love that cake!!



  4. How adorable! Looks like a fantastic, turtley party!

  5. These pics are adorable and remind me of when my brother was similar age, an aunt made him a bulldozer cake and he would not leave its side until it was time to eat it. he didn't trust anyone not to ruin his cake!

  6. Every childs dream birthday! This is so cute!

    -Erin xx

  7. Such cute photos! I love your grey cardigan! Where is it from?
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  8. High five to whomever used the Green Bay Packer wrapping paper!! Go Pack Go! :)

  9. High five to whomever used the Green Bay Packer wrapping paper!! Go Pack Go! :)

  10. This is pretty much the most amazing birthday cake I have ever seen!!! I bet he was thrilled!! 4 is such an awesome age:)