Dress to Impress

Happy Wednesday to all you lovely people! Today's post is focused on my Sunday best outfit, and I must say that sometimes I do love to get all dressed up, even if it is just for church! My son Hanes, on the other hand, cannot wait to get out of his church clothes and into what he calls his "house clothes." I swear he is the quirkiest, funniest little dude sometimes. And Arrow...well he hates clothes altogether, you would seriously think that we are putting him in a torture chamber every single time we try and dress him. He walks around tugging at his shirt with a look of disgust all day, like we have just dressed him in heavy chains haha! I seriously think if we let Hanes and Arrow run around all day in their diaper and undies, they would be in heaven! Anywho, I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for following! Love you all!

jacket (old from Windsor, similar)
handbag (similar)