If you follow me on snapchat or instagram then I'm sure you already know that Brod and I went on a little getaway this weekend. We went and had an amazing weekend together and got a little relaxation time, which was much needed. I missed my boys a ton but I think it was good for them to be with someone other than me or dad for a little bit. Arrow get's a little attached sometimes so I think it's a good thing for him to be with grandma and grandpa without me there, once in a while.
I wore this outfit one of the days, and this is my weekender bag that I used. I always love when I get to use this bag because it is beyond gorgeous and the details really are stunning. You can tell that it is handcrafted and I love how unique of a piece it is. I'm also a little obsessed with this sweater, so much so that I own it in 3 different colors haha! I am sort of terrible like that, when I find something I love, I go a little crazy over it! It's available online at Nordstrom Rack.....oh and it's only $35, need I say more! I am obsessed with sweaters and one can never have too many, especially in the Fall and Winter. I ordered a size bigger than I normally do just because I really wanted the over-sized look. Hope you like this weekender look and hope you have a good start to your week! Love you all!

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FreeBird boots
Hiptipico travel bag