Bow Bum

Bows and bums! Oh man, I keep posting pictures of the days Brod and I spent in Mexico and all I want to do is be back on the beach, in the sunshine, in the pool, and in some place warm. I guess it will come soon enough right? I love swimwear, as you can probably tell, and I loved the fit of this particular suit. The frilly top combined with the kind of little boy shorts-bottom was the perfect combo for a fun piece to wear! I love the creativity behind swimwear and love to play with pairing different types of tops with different types of bottoms. I have linked below a bunch of tops and bottoms that I am really digging right now, and hope that all this swimwear gets you as excited for summer or vacation as I am. Or if you live near or on the beach, well then...I hate you haha! Jk, jk, but seriously swimwear is something that can be so fun and also something that you can tailor to you, your body type, your comfort zone, and your style! I love to rock certain one pieces, and mix in some of my favorite two pieces as well, to me, it kind of all depends on my mood and the fit and style of the suit! For you that may be swimming or basking in the sun today, hopefully this gives you some inspiration, and for the rest of us, I guess patience is a virtue! Happy Wednesday everyone, I love you all.

top (super similar and here, more below)
bottoms (available in black, white, and stripes)