Dirty Baby Boy

Today's post is all about my little dude Arrow! Let me start by saying that being a mom is seriously the greatest thing in the world, I feel so lucky to be the mom of my two boys and nothing brings me more joy than being with them and Brod. Now on to Arrow, he is absolutely nuts! He never stops with the energy. It's interesting how similar he is to his big bro Hanes in certain ways, but so different in others. Arrow is fearless and sometimes scares the crap out of me because he simply never stops running, jumping, tripping, and following Hanes around wherever he goes. Brod and I will sit back and just watch him play and interact with Hanes and laugh at all the funny, quirky things he does. And I swear, no matter how many times I wipe his face (and I wipe it a lot), it never fails to get dirty. Boogers, milk, treats, marker, makeup, dirt, snow, food...you name it, he will find a way to get it all over his face and march around like he doesn't notice or care. I used to always say that I would never let my kids be the ones with the constant messy face, but Arrow has made it his mission to prove me wrong.
Brody and I have made more of an effort lately to make sure that the boys are playing up in their play room and room's together, rather than always running around downstairs. I try to take the time to get each of them on their own and just hangout and be with them. You can see in this post that Arrow keeps on moving and moving. He wants in his bed one minute, is out rolling around and tackling me the next. Then he will sometimes just sit or lay on me and chat. It is so much fun to listen and watch both Arrow and Hanes as they drift off into their own curious and imaginary worlds. Some days it's ninjas turtles, the next avengers, then dinosaurs, then transformers, and on and on. They wear me out some days, but I wouldn't trade being their mom for anything. Hope you all have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend with those you love! I love you all.


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