Lady in Red

What is it about a little red dress? I don't know if any of you feel like I do, but I just love the simplicity and fun of wearing a red dress! It gives me that energy and flare that I want to have and yet is such a simple piece, that I feel like I can pair it with so many different items. I can dress it up with some heels, like I have here, or I can dress it down with a pair of cute flats. This particular dress is from ASOS and I wore it for an evening out to dinner in Cabo. It's funny that there are certain looks that I enjoy wearing over and over again, with slight changes to the version that I wear, and red dresses are definitely one of those looks. I have included a bunch of fun options below that you can check out and hopefully find that perfect one (or ones) for you. To me, that is one of my favorite parts of fashion, finding and styling a classic look in a way that best suits you and your taste, body type, attitude, etc. I hope you all enjoy this little bit of red and hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Thanks for following!

dress (on sale!)
shoes (similar save or splurge)