Do you ever have days that you just feel like lounging indoors? This was definitely one of those days. After being out and about with Brod and the boys, I spent the afternoon just chilling with my dudes and enjoying the feeling of just being home. Life can get crazy busy and I find that every so often, I need to just stop and smell the roses, and "be" in the moment. And there is no one that helps me do that better than my little guys. I love watching Arrow and Hanes just simply enjoy the moment and find happiness in the most simple things. Brod and I always talk about how important it is to be able to be happy just hanging out, and being with one another, and I know that is a principle that we are trying to teach the boys. Big events, traveling, and adventures all play a big part in our lives, but sometimes we need to just hang, chill, lounge, and relax at home. Sometimes, my favorite days are those that are filled conversation, laughter, and hugs and kisses, in my living room with those I love. Today was one of those days and I loved it. Hope you all find time in your busy days to stop and enjoy the moments and take the time to live totally where you are. Thanks for following, I love you all!

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Sandal season is approaching!!