Skull Sweater

It's Friday party people! Today's look is quite simple, but a definite go-to. I've paired a wool winter coat, one that I have worn two years in a row (and I am still not sick of it, there are a few left on sale, see below), with one of my favorite sweaters of all time. I don't know why, but I love army green with the skull design on this sweater, I think it takes a very simple classic piece and adds a bit of an edge to it, and I love that. Finally, for bottoms I am rocking some leggings and boots, and who doesn't love leggings and boots? Right?! As you can see in the pics, it is still pretty cold here, but there have been a few sunny days mixed in, to keep me hoping and longing for Spring. I'm excited for a weekend with my boys and family/friends, we don't have any specific plans, but sometimes those end up being the best weekends. I have learned that you don't always need elaborate plans or events, sometimes just being in the company of those you love and hanging out and chatting is the best way to spend a weekend. Whether you have big plans or are chillin', I hope you all have a great weekend!

coat (on sale)