Blue Boots and Happiness

Happy day to all of you! Today is all about taking the time to celebrate the International Day of Happiness! What a great day eh?! Seriously, I love the fact that this day exists and is celebrated all over the world. We are here to be happy and to share that happiness with others, and I am so stoked to be able to share that same mission and goal with all of you! With the goal of inspiring happiness from the shoes up, Hush Puppies is the go-to footwear, accessory, and apparel brand that delivers the right mix of timeless style and dependable comfort for the those of you that want it all. Hush Puppies and I share a similar vision in that we are both all about smiling at life, so the brand and I have teamed up to celebrate the International Day of Happiness in order to spread happiness and give back! The International Day of Happiness is celebrated all over the world on March 20th and was founded to create a happier world together! In order to put a smile on one lucky reader’s face, Hush Puppies is going to give away the Landa Nellie boot that I have styled in this post. As you can see, I paired these blue beauties with a cute pair of jeans, a hat, and simple top for a great everyday look. Another awesome thing that we are teaming up to do and help spread the love is this: Hush Puppies has donated to Locks of Love on behalf of Cara Loren. How cool is that?! I hope you all enjoy celebrating this day of happiness, and may we all make the effort to strive to make each day a happy day, not only for ourselves, but for those around us! Thanks for following! I love you all.

*Hush Puppies donated $500 on behalf of Cara Loren to Locks of Love     

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