Easter Ready with EOS

Easter is fast approaching and I was thinking of what I could do to as little gifts for some of the gals in my life. Easter is a such a beautiful holiday and one that brings thoughts of a fresh start, renewal, and new life to mind. As I was thinking about what I could get as gifts for my girlfriends, the EOS Lip Balms came to mind as the perfect fit. So, the boys and I took some time in the sunshine to put some baskets together and prepare our Easter gifts. I have always loved the organic Lip Balm from EOS and the way it leaves the lips feeling so soft and smooth. The different tropical flavors soften the lips perfectly and I love how cute they look. As you can see, the boys had some fun helping me and wanted to try the lip balm themselves! Hanes and Arrow both thought the sphere-shaped lip balms looked like "Easter Eggs" and enjoyed putting them in the baskets. We will add in some treats and other goodies and the baskets for my girls should be ready to go. I hope you're all having fun preparing for Easter and finding those special gifts for those you love!