Keep It Simple

Good morning to all you beautiful people inside and out! Let's make this Thursday a wonderful one right?! Today's post is all about keeping it simple. Like literally, it says so on my shirt. Sometimes in life things get crazy and our problems/tasks/concerns can seem complicated (believe me I have felt this for sure at times), so I thought I would focus today on a little reminder to keep it simple. When I was going through the process of designing my line, I loved the truth and importance of this saying, so I knew I had to include in my line somewhere. It's funny because the entire women's line from CaraLorenshop kind of fits within this theme. The t-shirts, sweats, and other pieces are made with the "keep it simple" theme in mind. They are made to be fit well, provide absolute comfort, and with designs that can pair easily with whatever you want! You can see hair, I paired the Keep it Simple t-shirt with a leather jacket, some boyfriend jeans, and a pair of Freebird boots. I love knowing that I could have paired this shirt with probably a hundred other things, and it still would have fit my personal style and been something I feel comfortable in. Anyways, I hope that you all have a terrific day and are able to take the time to simplify the things or tasks in your life that need simplifying. I know that life gets stressful and busy and crazy, but I have found when I step back and prioritize and really take a look at what matters most to my family and I, the picture I have of my life becomes much more clear...or in other words more simple. Love you all! Thanks for your support!

Keep it Simple top (just restocked)
fringe jacket
YSL handbag
necklaces (evil eye, silver diamond Tiffany necklace)
LV backpack