Mixing it Up

Are you sick my of my swimwear yet haha?! Seriously, I know I have been posting a ton of swimwear and beach attire lately, but how can I not when I am in a such a beautiful and tropical place! I've talked recently about how I love to keep my swimwear and beach looks simple, but I want to emphasize today that simple doesn't mean boring or unoriginal, or tired, or lacking in creativity. When I talk about looks that are simple, I am speaking of effortless, easy, and classic. For instance, take this one-piece (might be a two-piece, hard to define really) I am wearing, the color is simple and one of my go-to's, and yet the design of the suit is extremely creative and fun. The simplicity is there but it also provides a swimsuit that is exciting and unique to wear! I love this particular suit and I will admit, that there is something weirdly satisfying (and sort of addicting) about finding creative new designs and fits that are out there in the world. Whether it be a two piece or one piece, I encourage you all to find that suit that fits just right and allows you to be comfortable with you and your body.  And then you pair a fantastic suit with a fantastic hat, what more do you need?! Am I right? Also, just wanted to say how amazing this villa has been here in T&C. It has been absolute magic and a perfect fit for our friends, the Bucketlist Family and us. There is a pool outback for the kiddos, rooms galore inside for both families, and the space is just breathtaking. Big thanks to Luxury Retreats and the Bucketlist Family for this gorgeous week we have had so far! We seriously might never leave...jk...but for reals, we might not. Anyhow, I hope you are all having a fab Friday and getting excited for the weekend! Many, many thanks for following!