Out and About

 Happy hump day to you all! Today's post all about being out and about with my little dude! Something that I try to do as often as possible when the weather permits is get outside with my boys and enjoy the sunshine. I love going on walks and so do Hanes and Arrow (and Nash), and today's shows you a glimpse of what walks with Arrow can be like. He is seriously such a goof and I love seeing his little personality come out more and more each day. He is so curious about everything and wants to play with anything and everything, even if that means my sunglasses. For this particular stroll Arrow was riding in style in the Baby Zen Yoyo from Belle Bellina. This stroller is one of my favorites! It is comfortable for the dudes, lightweight and easy to pack and carry. It actually fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane, which if you travel a lot like we do, is a very big deal. So yeah, I can't really say enough about how much I love this stroller. Belle Bellina is pretty unbelievable when it comes to baby and kid's stuff. They have anything and everything that you might need as a mom or dad, and the brands and variety of products they carry is always on point. You guys should definitely check it out, if you haven't visited their site already. It's kind of funny, I don't know if anyone else is like this, but I absolutely love browsing and shopping for baby and kid stuff! Whether it be strollers, cribs, or clothing, I love to shop for my little guys. What are some of the your favorite baby or kid's brands? What baby and kid's items do you love to shop for? I would love to hear your ideas! I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday, thanks so much for following!

Baby Zen Yoyo stroller c/o Belle Bellina
pants (same fit, different color)
sunnies (Arrow is wearing, under $12!)