Today I would like to talk about my little dude Hanes and something that he loves, loves, loves to do! If you have been around Hanes at all, you will come to find out really soon that he has a very strong love for watching all things Disney! Whether it be Disney movies, or TV shows, Hanes is all about sitting down with some popcorn and chocolate milk to take it all in. Thanks to Disney, we got to come on a sponsored visit to check out the Zootopia screening! This last week, Hanes and his best bud Knox, my sis-in-law and best-friend Meg, and myself all were given the opportunity to go to a screening of the new Disney movie known as Zootopia. Pretty rad eh?! And of course, this was right up Hanes's alley. Hanes was so excited, and the minute we arrived to Disney studios, he was bouncing off the walls like a bunny, all in preparation for the chance to watch Zootopia. It's so cool to see how giddy these little dudes get to watch the characters on the big screen. As you can tell from the pictures, it was such a fun event for both the kiddos and adults alike. Some of the cast members were there, they had little goodies and toys for the little guys, and the atmosphere was pretty electric! I'm thankful that we were able to be a part of such a fun night and I know that Hanes and his best buddy Knox had such a blast watching and celebrating Zootopia!