Beach Fam

It's Friday ya'll! In celebration of it hitting 70 degrees here tomorrow, I am throwing it back to a night on the beach with my favorite people in Turks & Caicos. This particular night we spent at a place called the Somerset, which is a pretty breathtaking hotel, and had a delicious dinner on the beach! We also spent the night wandering the beach, dancing with our dudes and good friends Jess and Garrett (the Bucket list family), and just relaxing next to the ocean. There is an energy that comes from the ocean that is hard to describe, I don't know if you have felt it before, but I notice it every time I spend time near the ocean or on the beach. It's so rejuvenating and yet relaxing at the same time, which is funny because those two seem to be conflicting, but that is what the ocean does for me. Looking through these pics reminds me over and over of just how thankful I am for my family. I love my boys so much and thank God for allowing me to be there mom and wife each and every day. Sorry to get all mushy, but it's true, nothing matters more to me than my family, and I love every single minute I get to be with them. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great start to the weekend. Thanks for all of your kind comments and love! I promise they don't go unnoticed. In a world where it seems to have become the norm to be negative or tear others down, it is so awesome for me to be able to read such supportive and positive comments from others. I hope we can all continue to lift each other up and support one another in all we do. Spreading good to others is what it's all about right! I love you all!


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