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Friday, April 29, 2016

Early morning Rhythm
Friday, April 29, 2016 96 Comments Images

It's Friday! Talking a bit today about the morning routine that we all have. It's interesting to me, how different and how similar all of our morning routines must be, and yet we all have them and participate in them every single day. I know each and every day is not the same, and some mornings are probably completely different than others, but I find that as I develop some sort of rhythm or method to my madness, it seems to kick start my day in a positive way! My day usually starts with the boys waking us up at the crack of dawn (between 7-8 am), then Brod and I make some breakfast, get the boys and ourselves ready, catch up on emails and work to-do's, sometimes we snap some pictures before the gym, and if not, we then head to drop Hanes at school and then over to the gym for a workout mid-morning. Some days the schedule strays from this rhythm, we might have a morning meeting for work, doctor's appointment, Brod might be golfing haha, or we may have some other event that comes up. I know that not every day is going to be the exact same and I am glad, I love that each new day brings different challenges and experiences, but having a routine or rhythm has definitely helped both us and boys to get done the things we need to and establish a comfort for the boys. What do you do to establish a morning routine or rhythm? I would love to hear your ideas and what has worked in your house? One thing that I have learned is that you can always learn something new from others, and lots of times, the best ideas are ones you have learned from your family, friends, or neighbors! Any who, I wish you all the best this beautiful morning and hope that you all have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for your comments and your support!

Oh, and one thing that I have been loving during my morning "getting ready" phase of my rhythm is jamming to some tunes on this rad little mirror! Check it out in the video below!
(use discount code "mirror" to get 20% off)

lipstick (darling clementine, my new fav!)
lip liner (what a blast)


  1. So pretty, as always!


  2. Love the lip! You're gorge as always! Annnnnd the main thing for my morning routine is COFFEEEE. hahah. But besides that I always love to do devotions and then a workout before I get to work for the day!


  3. Love my morning routine, listening to music always makes getting ready so much more fun! Also love the lip color!

  4. I work from home so my morning routine is to go workout, come home shower, dry my hair, makeup and style my hair. It's hard to do it every day when I'm not often leaving the house! But I love doing it because it makes me feel pampered! In the summers my morning routine always includes a walk with my pup too :). Thanks for the discount!!! This mirror is awesome!

  5. You're such an absolutely gorgeous and inspiring woman!!


  6. I love your lip color!! It is so pretty. This really is such a good gift idea. I think my mom will love it. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

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  8. Beauty As Always ... and never boring looking of you

  9. My mom has one of these and she loves it! <3


  10. I always eat breakfast first in the morning, because it motivates me to get out of bed haha :) I think I found the mirror of my dreams, I'm definitely gonna have to get my mom one, and then one for myself too because I just can't resist! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Esther


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