Lace It Up

Hello lovelies! Today's post is all about lace-ups and how they will always be a staple and go-to item when it comes to footwear and fashion. I absolutely love lace-ups and and I have teamed up with DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) to give you a glimpse into why I love lace-ups and give you some examples of the variety of lace-ups that are out there and hopefully give you some inspiration as to how you can best add them or feature them in your everyday life. Lace-ups are definitely a trend that DSW is standing firmly behind and they have a fantastic selection that allows each and every customer to find the right fit, style, and color that they are looking for. Let's take a moment to take a closer look at a variety of lace-ups and dig into deeper as to which ones might be the best fit.
Sometimes its a sandal kind of day, especially with Spring and Summer around the corner, sandals like these, or something like this, would be a perfect fit. One can never have too many sandals and they are so versatile in that they can be fancy or super casual.
The next lace-up that is a must in the closet is the lace-up bootie. The lace-up bootie selection at DSW is amazing, and the amazing thing about a good bootie is how they can really brighten up an outfit, and keep you looking classy and chic at all times. I have a listed a couple lace-up booties here and here that I am loving right now that would be great adds to my spring wardrobe.
Next, we have the lace-up pumps which step up your fancy and formal game to another level, but can also be dressed down with some jeans to keep them casual. Some of my favorites that DSW is carrying right now can be found here and here. What is beautiful about both these pair of pumps is the that they can be dressed up really nice or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a tee.
Next on my list of fabulous lace-ups are flats. I love flats more than I love pizza (and I love pizza lots) and as you can see in my pictures, I may have found a timeless winner in these that I am wearing. First I love the color black, and second I love how clean and simple these look and yet they have an element of sophistication. They complemented my shirt and pants in a great way and were actually quite comfortable to wear around. There were some other flats that are carried by DSW that I love as well, they can be found here and here. The nice thing too is that there are a variety of price points that each of these styles of shoes can be found at.
Anyways, ask you can tell, I am big fan of lace-ups and whether it be a wedge, flat, pump, sandal, or bootie, there are so many options that can add some new variety and style to your shoe repertoire. Thank you all for following and I hope you have a wonderful day!

*Thanks to DSW and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

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