Pop of Blue

Hello to all of you! Happy Wednesday and I hope that you're having a wonderful day so far. Today's post features an outfit that I absolutely love. The boys and I went up the canyon for a quick afternoon hangout, and I put together this little combo that I just adore. The dress I am wearing is one that can work both day and night, and can be dressed up or worn quite casually. I paired it with these blue heels that give the look that "pop" or "wow" that I was looking for. I love these shoes, they are so fun and unique, and are seriously hard to look away from because of the way the blue seems to pop. To me, they are one of those grab your attention pairs of shoes, and can provide flare and fun to any look. As you can tell the boys had a lot of fun running around, throwing every rock and stick they could find, and pretty much just being the cutest dudes around. They are both so funny, and it's crazy to me how similar and yet different they are. Arrow follows Hanes everywhere he goes and wants to do whatever Hanes does. If Hanes throws a stick or picks up a leaf, then Arrow wants to do the same. Seriously, all they wanted to do the entire time we were up the canyon is pick up leaves and throw them around haha! Any who I hope you all have a fab Wednesday and remember to find those shoes that will add that "wow" to your look, I promise you won't regret it. Love you all!

belt (favorite!!)
Chloe handbag via c/o FarFetch