Pumpin' with Puma

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a great day and feeling good and energized for the week. Today, I am so excited to talk a bit about my workout routine and some of the rad new gear and shoes that I like to wear to get my sweat on! I have teamed up with PUMA to share some of the company's awesome new fitness pieces and its new Fierce shoe that has just hit the market. Let me tell you about this shoe. It is perfect for the gym because of the comfort and support that it provides as a trainer and yet can double as a fantastic shoe to wear out and about as you go about your day. It's rare that a shoe can wear both hats, and the Fierce shoe does just that and wears them very well. As you can see from my post, I wear the PUMA active-wear and Fierce shoes at the gym to get my butt into better shape. This particular day of the week is a day where I do I full-body workout; I usually focus on each different muscle group per day, but I always incorporate a full-body workout once a week. I added a bunch of examples of what I do during that workout below. I try to add a ton of cardio in this day as well, that way I am beyond exhausted by the end of it. I normally can get my workouts done in an hour, but if you can give yourself an hour and fifteen or so on full-body day I think it's worth it. I will share more of what I do on specific muscle days soon, so stay tuned for that.

The next look I have included in this post is something that I would wear on a daily basis. The Fierce trainer paired with a basic tee and some leggings is an example of something that I wear everyday after the gym or something to run my errands and chase around my little dudes. What is fantastic about the shoe is that it combines performance with style, so while I love to wear it in the gym, I am not sacrificing my sense of fashion while wearing it on the go. It is a very versatile shoe. Something kind of cool that PUMA is doing is asking its customers to share what it means them (the customer) to be #ForeverFierce? I think it's a pretty fun concept and want to share that challenge with all of you, by asking you to share with me and PUMA your most fierce looks in and out of the gym, using #ForeverFierce to do so. I would love to see your looks!

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed this post; hopefully it provided some insight into my workout routine and gave examples of what I like to wear to the gym and why I like it. Oh, and be sure to check out PUMA and the Fierce trainer, as PUMA will be dropping more colorways in the future, and I promise you won't be disappointed. Finding that trainer that works both in the gym and for your everyday activities is a win/win. Thank you all for your support and I hope you have an amazing day!

-Inner-thigh jumps (20 jumps in and out/ 3 times)
-Shoulder press (go for one minute without stopping/ 3 times)
 -Backward weighted lunges (go for one minute without stopping/ 3 times)
-Raised one-leg squats (continue to add weight/ 3 times/ reps of 12,10,8)
 -Resistance band side steps (20 walks each side/ 3 times)
  -Box jumps with a deep squat (12 jumps/ 3 times/ get as high as you can and squat at the end)
 -Biceps curls (continue to add weight/ 3 times/ reps of 12,10,8)
 -Leg press (continue to add weight/ 3 times/ reps of 14,12,10)
 -Back lat raises (continue to add weight/ 3 times/ reps of 12,10,8)

*Sponsored by PUMA and ShopStyle

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