Exploring the island

Aloha again from beautiful Maui! Today's post is all about exploring this beautiful island! It's interesting, everybody's definition of exploring seems to be a bit different, and I think that is just great. For instance, our "exploring" on this particular trip is at a different level than if Brod and I were on a trip without the boys, and even at that, there are others that probably take the word "exploring" to more daring and crazier things than we would ever do. But I love that, we are all unique and have varied comfort zones and "dare meters" so that is how it should be. Our exploring this particular day involved taking the little dudes to downtown Lahaina, stopping off in a little "jungle" park area near the beach, and spending time at the coolest Banyan tree ever. Lahaina is such a cool little town, and the boys and I loved strolling around, popping in and out of shops, and of course, eating our fair share of shaved ice (Ululani's...it's unreal good!). We then hung out at this Banyan tree that is seriously the most amazing tree I have seen. The size of it alone is breathtaking and all the different branches and vines make you feel like you are in some other world! The boys loved it and Hanes kept saying, "mom, how come this tree is so bendy haha?" We then drove the coast for awhile and finally stopped off in this beach side area that had more cool trees and let the boys run around and kicked it in the shade! A big thanks to Avis, cruising in the comfort our Explorer made it easy to explore on all of us! Any how, I hope you all have a great day and get to explore wherever you are!

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