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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The End of Turks
Tuesday, May 03, 2016 22 Comments Images

It's Tuesday, and on this wonderful day I am throwing it back to a final look at our trip to Turks and Caicos with our buddies (that we miss and love) the Bucketlist Family. Today's post features the private beach area that played and chilled on, located just to the rear of our amazing villa. I know I have said this before, but Luxury Retreats knows how to do it right! The villa we stayed in during our time in T & C was seriously unbelievable. It was gorgeous, spacious, and provided everything we needed to feel at home with our little dudes on that beautiful island. As I said, it also had this private beach area that was the perfect little spot to kick it in the sun, and enjoy the ocean blue. The boys loved it and it was just a short little walk away from the villa, so we could pretty much walk to it whenever we wanted. Hanes and Arrow are so funny and different in the way they enjoyed their time at the beach. Hanes simply wanted to build castles in the sand, play with his little Paw Patrol dudes, and pretend to be a superhero fighting bad guys in the sand. While Arrow, on the other hand, enjoyed playing with the toys in the sand too, but he also enjoyed sprinting full speed into the water haha! I swear he is nuts sometimes and has zero fear. He loved sprinting right up to the ocean water and then running away from the waves as they broke onto the beach as fast as he could. Brod and I had to keep our eye on him nonstop! As I look it these pictures, it makes me long for the beach again and makes me miss our friends Garrett and Jess and their wonderful family! I must say that Turks and Caicos is probably one of my favorite beach destinations that I have ever been to. What are some of your favorite beach destinations? And why? Please share, I would love to know and I love hearing about new places to visit and what makes them your favorites. I hope you enjoy this last peek into our fantastic week in T & C, and I hope you all have a great Tuesday. Also, we put a little video capturing some moments from our time there. Enjoy! Love you all!


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  2. Looks like someone is eager to get to the weekend.. its only Tuesday ;)

    Regardless I loved Turks and Caicos and I must say its my favorite place I have been so far. I loved how under developed it was. We were able to take bikes from our resort and just travel and explore the island by bike and really feel like a local. Lovely pictures and I am glad you enjoyed your time.

    1. The bike riding sounds amazing, wishing we would have somehow done that! I would love to go back!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous family and place! Love your swimsuit!

  4. love that swimsuit!!! Hope you have a great day!
    : JenessaSheffield.com

  5. We miss you guys too!! - Garrett and Jess

  6. Stunning beach, stunning people! Love these shots and your hairrrr♥



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