Vaca Prep

Happy Tuesday ya'll! So, as you may know, the boys and I kind of love the beach, and by kind of, I mean we really love it! Today's post is all about our prep for a trip we have in about a week to Hawaii! Can you tell I am excited haha?! Though we have been to many different beaches, the boys and I have never been to Hawaii and so we are extra excited. We have partnered with Starwood Hotels and will be staying at few of their amazing resorts during our stay in Maui, and we look forward to sharing our journeys with all of you! We will be staying at the Sheraton Maui, the Westin Maui, and the Westin Ka'anapali, they all look absolutely fabulous, be sure to stay tuned to the blog as I will be sharing my favorite things about each place.

As I am sure you all know, preparing for a trip takes a little work, and I have found that the earlier you can get packed and ready to roll, the less stressful it is, especially when it is a trip that includes the little dudes. When packing for the boys I like to keep it as simple as possible. A trip to Maui that will include a lot of time at the pool and on the beach, keeping it simple is pretty easy to accomplish. The list for them includes swimwear, floaties, sunscreen, swim shoes, tanks, shorts, and hats. I also make sure to pack the boys a little backpack for each trip that has a few of their favorite toys, an iPad (for movies on the plane and during some evenings), and some of their favorite snacks. When it comes to packing for me, I also try and keep it as simple as possible. However, having said that, for a beach trip like this one, I love to have a variety of swimsuits to choose from. I like to mix it up with different styles and types of swimwear, so as I was packing for this trip I made sure to include one-pieces, two-pieces, and a variety of fits and colors. Another necessity for a trip to a place like Maui are some fun sandals, cover-ups, hats, and of course, sunnies! When it comes to Brod packing, well I let him do his thing and he usually does it the night before we leave in twenty minutes, running around like a crazy dude throwing all sorts of stuff in his bag haha. Let's just say he is a procrastinator when it comes to packing.

As I mentioned above we are so excited to be going on this trip as a family and grateful for the opportunity that we have to experience the beautiful island of Maui. Traveling as a family is one of our favorite things to do, and creating memories together in different parts of the world is something that I know that we will forever remember. I know that traveling with our little guys can be stressful and tiring sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love giving them opportunities to see the world and experience new things and to do it together as a family. One thing Hanes always says is his favorite part of a going on a trip, is staying in a hotel and I am sure he is going to love the Sheraton and Westins so much! Well, I hope you have all have wonderful Tuesday and we look forward to sharing our experience in Maui with all of you! Thanks for following and thank you for all your support.

popsicle suit (top/bottom)
high waist blue suit
tropical suit (top/bottom)
green leaf suit (top/bottom)
LV travel bags
boys shoes