Blooms all around

Hello lovelies! I have teamed up with Chicwish for today's post and I am so excited about it! Chicwish is a brand that I have been wearing for a few years now, and is one that I absolutely still love. They always have a great variety and I know that once I start browsing on their site, I am going to find a bunch of pieces that I really like. This floral dress is no exception, I love that I can dress it up with a pair of platforms, or dress it down with a pair of sandals, like I did here. It is such a simple dress, but the little details make it beautiful in it's simplicity. Details in a piece can make all the difference. Who else loves the details in what they wear? It was a fantastic and fitting day to wear this particular dress in San Diego, because as you can see, there were gorgeous flowers everywhere I walked, and combine that with a beautiful flower dress, and you have kind of a magical day. Anyhow, make sure and check out Chicwish when you get a chance, you will not regret it! Thanks so much for following, I love you all!

*Thanks to Chicwish for sponsoring this post.