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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fields of Patterns
Tuesday, June 21, 2016 19 Comments Images

Hey guys! Happy happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great start to your week yesterday and are ready to go get it today. Today's post is all about spending some time out of my comfort zone and trying new things. As you know, part my daily routine is working out and doing my best to keep in shape. One thing that I like to do, and something that I try and apply not just to my workout routine, but to my life, is to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I haven't done before. For me, about a year ago, this stepping outside of my comfort zone was involved giving Yoga a try. I had heard about it, had friends that did it, and I decided I wanted to make it a part of my routine. Let me just say that I love it. I love the tempo, I love the focus that it requires, and I love that it is tough and rigorous on my body, and yet refreshing and recharging at the same time. It's something that I have kept as part of my routine now, whether it be taking a class or doing my best to do simple stretches and positions on my own. I have even talked Brod into going to a Yoga class a few times, and he loved it too! As for the workout wear I am wearing, it is from Teeki and I absolutely love it. It is so comfy and has made me step outside of my everyday active wear by mixing in patterns and colors that I don't normally wear. If you haven't checked out their stuff, I highly recommend it because it is awesome stuff! So yeah, I hope you all have a great day, do something to get out of your comfort zone, try something new, live differently! I love you all and thank you so much for your support!


  1. So nice to hear you're liking yoga. I do bodypump and other toning classes at the gym, I love them and when I don't go, I feel off but yoga has always been a little dull to me, I love pilates but I did yoga a couple of times years ago and the instructor was amazing, then I had another one and I gave up. I may need to try it again.
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  2. I am so in love with Teeki's workout/yoga clothing!


  3. I'm obsessed with yoga, as well. It's amazing that it's able to do all the things you described above. It's truly saved my life and allowed me to feel physically better than I ever have.

  4. Yoga is the perfect complementary to another "hard" sport :)

    Lovely pants <3


  5. Nice leggings, and perfect using it for yoga

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  6. Love the cute sweater cover up to this! <3


  7. I have never tried yoga but have always wanted to. I know it would be so good for me. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. Yoga is such an amazing workout for your mind and body! Love these outfits! Xo


  9. I need to get on that yoga trying vandwagen asap, it sound amazing! And you look gorgeous in sweatwear♥


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  11. Your arms look amazing!