Ruffles on Ruffles

Hey guys, happy Tuesday to you all. Today's post is taking us back, I guess you could call it a throwback Tuesday, to Maui at the Westin Ka'anapali Resort. Gosh, looking at these photos is really making me miss it there. As you can see, this was a swim day (as were most days in Hawaii) and the boys and I had a blast wandering from pool to pool, and then spending some time at the ocean. I wore one of my favorite swim tops, and one of my favorite swimwear styles for the season, that being an off-the-shoulder ruffled top. For some reason when I think of ruffles, I think of fun and girly! This top is super comfy and gives me that flare that I love to have out in the sun. Hope you enjoy your day and big thanks to you all for your love and support!

swim top
swim bottom
shorts (also in white)