Run It

Hello friends! Happy Thursday! Brod and I have just returned from a quick trip to California (we had a pretty cool job there that we will share details with you at a later date), and let me just say that sometimes when I am on vacation, I cannot stop eating haha! Seriously though, we ate at some delicious spots in Monterey and San Jose, and I couldn't help myself. Plus, Brod is the king of snacking, so when it is just us traveling together, I seem to fall into his snacking habits. And you know what, it's all good, sometimes we all need a good cheat day or days, the key is to make sure to get back into your habits and healthy eating sooner than later. So that is what today is about, a little Thursday motivation to get my butt back in gear and back to working out! I must say I love the outfit in today's post, the colors are very basic, but the look as a whole combines some of my favorite brands and pieces. In particular my kicks, the Lunar Epics by Nike, are probably one of my most loved sneakers ever. They are so comfy and and have the support a trainer needs whether you are running, lifting, or doing cross-training. They also look great with either shorts or pants, which is a big deal to me, because some sneakers look great with one or the other, but not both. Does anybody else care about that like me? Or am I just weird haha? It really is a big deal if the shoe looks great with both shorts and pants, to me that is the ultimate win in a shoe! Anyhow, it's great to back home with our boys and you may have noticed lately that I say "we" a lot when it comes to the work Brody and I do, and that is because about 6 months ago, we decided to work on this adventure and journey together full time. He always has taken my pictures and been involved in what I do, but now we are both on this journey together all day everyday! And we love it, we feel super fortunate to be able to do this work together, and are learning so much from one another. So yeah, he is not only my photographer, but my business partner, husband, best friend, and everything else! I kind of love him haha. Thanks to you all for your love and support, we couldn't do it without you! I hope your day is fantastic!

shoes (favorite shoes right now!)